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Pub Stuff

It's The Perfect Time To Enjoy The Patio!!

Unlike the building, which was erected in 1858, our patio is brand new. It was officially opened Father's Day weekend of 2017 and weather providing, is the perfect opportunity to enjoy all that Pub 517 has to offer with a beautiful view  and scenery you won't find anywhere else! 

Book A Party

Book any size party or event with us! Just call the number provided in the link. If you prefer a special menu or trays provided buffet style, just ask for further details!

Tranquility Farms

We work closely with Tranquility Farms and also serve their seasonal products such as sweet corn, tomatoes and more, grown right next door! The most popular product of theirs that we provide is the homemade ice cream, which we serve year round. We'll keep you updated on flavors and events, but for more information on Tranquility Farms just click the link to the right!

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